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Ardor enhancement slot - enhance activities on the cards containing this slot


Activities on these cards can be enhanced with sex toys, accessories or something to lick at once or separately.

Millions of combinations are possible.

Let your imagination run wild.

Ardor examples of cards with enhancement slots

"I've always wanted him to feel comfortable using a dildo on me."



Ardor time slot - perform activities for the indicated time period


Everything is carefully timed and when the time slot is not present on the cards, enjoy every second of it.

"He pressed the start button on the timer and started paying attention to my body. I could not see him but I felt his breath. 5 minutes in total, 1 minute for each body part. Or so I thought. The last 2 minutes he moved from my nipples to my belly button, to my neck and clitoris. I was breathing heavily with every kiss and every stroke of his tongue on my body."
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Ardor - the couple's sex card game - Blank card symbol


For those moments when the activities and games in Ardor are not enough.
There are 3 Blank Cards in the game, one for each main suit:Truth or Dare, Foreplay and Sex.
YOU Decide what you want to do.
Do you want to find the answer to an intimate question or try a sexy dare?
Maybe you want to try a new foreplay activity?
Your favorite sex position is not in the 30 positions of the game?

Blank cards in the game - Ardor - the couple's sex card game

Use these cards for any kind of activities you want. Use your imagination to execute what you like.

Ardor - the couple's card game


Ardor cards level-up one activity or all the activities in the second part.
Add time, get sincere feedback, control the environment, engage in sexy role-playing and more.

"As I entered the room and saw him in his best suit, with a powerful smile and confident attitude, I knew I wanted more of that. I love every second of seeing him engaged in fierce debates and business negotiations. I'll find out how he can negotiate his way out of getting tied to the bed."

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