Ardor Tutorial, get started




Follow the Suit on the cards.

 4 POINTS Types, 40 points in total. 21 to WIN


Does the card have a Point on it? Follow the Point type instead of the Suit.

Ardor is the "Wild Suit". It replaces any card.

Use them when you don't want to or can't follow what's played. 

Lost a trick with an Item Off card? Clothes start flying...

Cards with a ‘Micro-Moment’ symbol can change into Ardor cards, and replace any card.
To change a ‘Micro-Moment’ into an Ardor card, perform the activity on the card. 

Won a trick with cards with the 'Time Stopper' symbol on them?
Draw from the Time Stopper deck as many cards as there are in the trick.
Use them to stop time.

Part 1 ends when all the cards are drawn from the deck.

The player with the most Points wins.

Use the cards won to craft the fantasy you would like to experience.
Enhance the cards for activities to take a naughty twist.

Level-up the activities to change them even more.

Did you get so far down the page?
There are millions of possible combinations.
Get the experience.