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Let's play Ardor - the couple's game!

1 GAME = TEMPLATE for your Sexy Games



Part 1: "WIN Your Fantasy"


9 Suits in Ardor

Ardor Suits

Follow the Suit on the cards.


6 EXP Types, 30 EXP in total. 16 to WIN

Ardor EXP Types

Does the card have an EXP on it?  Follow the EXP type instead of the Suit.

ARDOR is the TRUMP Suit

It replaces any Suit or EXP

Ardor Trump Card Suit

Use them when you don't want to or can't follow what's played. 

Lost a trick with Item Off Ardor Symbol or Take a Shot Ardor Symbol ?

Clothes start flying and glasses get empty.


Watch the Video Tutorial for "Win Your Fantasy"

Ardor game tutorial

Did you bring the game tonight? You're playing first. In this example, P1 got it so s/he plays first:

Ardor game tutorial

Read more about Ardor's main suits: Truth or Dare, Foreplay and Sex.

Ardor game tutorial

Read about the other suits: Special Cards and Ardor

Player 1 won the trick. Now that both players have again 5 cards in hands, another trick can start:

Ardor game tutorial

Read more about Ardor's EXP points

Ardor game tutorial

Player 2 has won the previous trick and the 3 EXP points with it. Both players have now 5 cards in hand so Trick 3 can begin:

Ardor game tutorial

This time, P1 has lost the trick and the 3 EXP points in the trick. P1 takes off an item of clothing much to P2's delight and pleasure.
"Win Your Fantasy" ends when all the cards are drawn from the deck.
The player with the most EXP points wins. The reward for winning a game of Ardor is the 'Ardor Prize' card - which you can use to ask any sexual favor from your partner whenever and wherever you want. Also, you get to create and live your hottest, wildest, and most romantic fantasy.

Part 2: "LIVE Your Fantasy"

Mix and match the collected cards for a passionate fantasy.
Enhance the cards for activities to take a naughty twist which you control at all times.
Read about Ardor's Enhancement and Time Slots
You have complete freedom on enhancing the cards and you can even level up each card differently every time you play the game for a highly customizable experience.
See how you can use the Blank cards to introduce your own activities, mini games and sex positions.
Did you get so far down the page?
There are millions of possible combinations
With how many scenarios did you come up with so far?
Order the game to enjoy the experience.

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