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AdultGamesReviews - Ardor - Bending Time - Review

AdultGamesNews is a site specialized in reviewing new physical and digital adult games. They have played our new edition of Ardor and were impressed by the new gameplay and quality of the game:

There really aren’t any card games quite like Ardor Bending Time;  it is perfect for bringing couples closer together.  If you are a couple newly in love, it will only add to the excitement you are already experiencing. If you have been together a lot of years, it could help rekindle the missing spark. And, if you are a sex loving couple out of new ideas, then it might be the missing ingredient that you need.

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AdultGamesNews - Ardor -Bending Time - Review

The first review for our new game was written by the nice couple at

Enter Ardor Bending Time, a card based game that has a multitude of options and scenarios to engage in for hours of bedroom fun. We have tried our share of intimate relationship/sex games in the past but nothing quite like this one. From previous experiences, I’ve been left feeling underwhelmed as these games seems to finish in a matter of minutes or become repetitive extremely quickly. Ardor Bending Time however is a game that takes some time to play and has numerous potential outcomes which keeps the players invested. 

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And their conclusion?

We would recommend it to people looking for a new and interesting game to play


Below, see what the sex toys and games reviewers had to say about the first version of the game Ardor: 

Ardor Review by Kinky Sutra sex toys reviews

Kinky Sutra Reviews Ardor

Our Thoughts
The Ardor game is something completely different to anything that we have tried before. It really did spice things up, and create lots of excitement. Despite being quite open minded, and being adventurous we found that the game enabled us to try things that we would not necessarily do.
Every time that you play the game is very different to the game before. Despite using the same positon and foreplay cards, you can add different sex toys and foods etc. Both me and my partner have played this game quite a few times since it arrived, and still love it! It never gets boring which is great.
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Tease for Two Ardor Review

Ardor Review by Tease for Two


I've sent the game to them for an honest review without knowing what to expect but excited about hearing what the lovely couple had to say about it. Yesterday they published their review and it looks like they loved Ardor.
Here are a few extracts:
We loved loved loved the packaging for this game. Yes it was simple but it was beautifully designed. The exterior box was a gold yellow with a beautiful animated woman throwing all of the Ardor cards out.[...]
Game Play
Okay so we totally had to read through the instruction manual first, and as with any game you need to read it to get a good understanding. However once we did this game play was actually broken down very simplistically. [...]
[...] It was a fun way to try some new things and see a different side of your partner.
We absolutely loved the artistry of the cards. They are brilliantly thought out and beautifully designed. The graphics were clean and tasteful and they were super easy to read. We loved this about them, being easy to read and understand and being tastefully designed? Bravo Ardor Bravo. We loved that they all offered something new and unique to try and that no game was alike. We both won a couple and lost a couple but it didn’t feel like losing when we lost. We tend to have a super competitive streak. So this was absolutely wonderful, we both loved the game and the beauty it provided.
Ardor - game cards mix
Our Thoughts
We can’t seem to say enough good things about this game. We are not ones for board games or games in general to spice up our sex life. But this one totally and completely changed our minds. We wish we could share this with more people but unfortunately we can only share it with you. Lucky Lucky You. It was a simple easy to play and FUN game that we both absolutely loved.

The Ratings Game

Playability 9/10
Desire to Replay 10/10
Design 10/10
Clarity 9/10
Beauty 10/10

So how did it stack up? 96% pretty good we have to say and I'm pretty sure we did say. Well Done Ardor well done, we loved it.



Ardor Review by Kinky Kitten - Sex toys reviews

Kinky Kitten plays and Reviews Ardor
Kim played Ardor and shared her impressions with her readers and ours. Here is what she has to say about the game:
Having reviewed previous games I was curious as to how this game would size up to the one was already have. Ardor is unlike any other sex game we have.[...]
[...] I really enjoyed our experience with the Ardor game it certainly got us both going and I like the fact you get to act out the cards in your sexual practise At the end I would much rather this then like most game you have to act out the cards as you’re playing the game. We both enjoyed the competitiveness of the first round we needed to gain that EXP!
I do feel that the Ardor game is a great game for couples and I think that you could possible play it in a 3 and adapt it to suit if you have a 3 way relationship. I found that we were able to open up and enjoy the Ardor game with also being very intimate this game certainly is going to spice up our Sunday sex!
Kinky Kitten Ardor Overall Rating
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Emmeline Peaches Reviews Ardor

Five Reasons to Try Ardor

Emmeline has written a wonderful post which explains perfectly why couples choose to play Ardor and how the game brings novelty into the relationship:
"I’ve had Ardor since December of last year and it’s still again that Mr. Peaches and I enjoy playing from time-to-time. As you may have read in my review Ardor is a card game experience designed for two people to play and enjoy, but there’s so much about it to love.
With that in mind I’ve decided to list what I think are five reasons to try Ardor with your partner. These are the things that, for us, sets Ardor apart as an adult game that is definitely worth a try.
Reason #1: It Enables Communication
Right from the start Ardor scores huuuge points for its primary goal.
Sometimes when we’re in a relationship it can be incredibly hard to let our lover know some of the more intimate details about ourselves. On the other side of things sometimes we consider ourselves such an open book that we don’t always think to explicitly declare what we actually want. [...]
Reason #2: It Presents Trust Exercises
There are a lot of cards in the Ardor deck that could put you in a potentially unfamiliar experience. Being blindfolded, for example, can come up a fair bit, or you may be asked to masturbate in front of your partner. [...]
Reason #3: It Can Be Very Playful
Did I mention the Daenerys Targaryen thing in my review? How about the We Will Rock You lapdance? Oh yeah, those happened.
And that’s one of the other things that I really love about Ardor. For each card that is about creating a dialogue or building trust there’s another that’s just about some nice, cheeky fun between two eager adults. [...]
Reason #4: It Encourages Intimacy
I’ll always remember the moment when my partner gave me that card. “Dance with your lover to a song of his/her choice”. The moment I picked it up my heart skipped a beat. I couldn’t contain my smile, nor my gratitude. Placing on one of my favourite slow dance songs I moved over to Mr. Peaches. He gently took my hands and we began to dance.[...]
Reason #5: There’s Sex Involved
Yup, and lots of it. Five different sex cards per game to be precise.
While not all of these sex positions are logistically sound it can be great fun to try out new positions and generally get a bit wild in the bedroom.[...]"
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Adult Games NewsThe best sex game for couples I've seen - Five stars

"As we all know, sometimes the sex in a relationship kind of loses the passion, experimentation and frequency that existed when the relationship was young and fresh.  The goal of the Ardor sex game is to rekindle the passion and add inspiration for both those couples just starting out and those who have become a little more complacent and less adventurous about sex."
"The beauty of the Ardor sex game is that it builds you up gradually until you are so horny you could (and probably will) pop!   It is quite possible that you may not make it past the foreplay because by the time you get to it you will already be horny as hell."
"Ardor is definitely a game worth packing in your suitcase when traveling with your partner for a holiday or a weekend away as it is small enough to travel well.  To make the most out of Ardor you may need to play it a few times to fully appreciate the rules and decide if you can play strategically but where is the problem with that!"
"Ardor will be sure to add excitement in to new or old relationships, and as a couple you will find that you will try new things together to spice up your love life and rekindle the spark."
"The great thing about the Ardor sex game is that whoever wins part one, you are both winners in part two!"
The full review on Adult Games News.


Emmeline Peaches Reviews

Ardor Emmeline Peaches 2014 products approved

"I have some great new memories that I’ll never forget" Emmeline Peaches in  Best Couples’ Products of the Year
"Although Mr. Peaches and I are already quite well acquainted with our bodies we found that Ardor did give us new ways to communicate and we learnt things about each other that we had sincerely not known prior to Ardor. We also had a lot of fun during the Truth or Dare and Foreplay rounds."
"A good sense of humour can go a long way and I think the playfulness of Ardor is a big part of its charm. But there were also some sincerely arousing moments, some sincerely touching ones, and some sincerely insightful ones."
"We tried new positions, we learnt new things, and we shared romantic experiences, all with a smile on our faces.
"I’m not going to name names here but I will say that someone did a lap dance, someone burst out laughing during a blindfolded biting round (that became more of a tickling round), and someone might have been posed naked with dragon cuddly toys adorning their body like Daenerys Targaryen. Again, no names."
If you and your partner are looking for a game to open up a fun discussion about your sex lives then I can definitely recommend Ardor. It may take a while to grasp but it’s almost certainly worth it."
Read the full review on Emmeline's blog.


Ardor's head and eyes


"my wife and i have play several times and it is very fun. We have enjoyed the game so much that we bought a second set to give to friends. We have even discussed playing with out the finale round just for fun. It has enhanced an already great relationship.We look forward to playing every time the kids are away. "
"It was fun! Would recommend and play again! The most intriguing couple's game i could find. "
"Would love to see expansion packs with more cards.Thanks for the game, can't tell you how much it helps. :)"
"This is a great game. It adds a lot of intimacy and adventure. Thank you!"
"Great game! My wife and I love it. We ordered it in December so it took longer for it to arrive, but I can understand the delay because of the Holidays. But it was well worth the wait."
"Love the game. Let me know if you have any expansions planned!"
"All in all a good game. We have tried a few different bedroom games and this one seems the least forced and the best for re-playability."

"Provides a framework for trying new things, makes it less scary"