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One of the EXP points you can win. There are six point suits in the game.


" I got stricken by lighting when I fell in love with him. I could not stop smiling and I saw stars everywhere I went. He was the yin to my yang and our love was diamond strong in the beautiful love story we were living."



Activities can be enhanced with the use of Accessory, Toy and Lick cards to complete the fantasy.
Feathers, satin bands, blindfolds and handcuffs, sexy lingerie and candles make mini-games and foreplay cards unforgettable.

"He asked me to put on the yellow dress I was wearing when we had sex on an empty beach in Spain. I added the white sun hat I recovered from the sea afterwards."




Take a shot

A sip of champagne, a tequila shot or just some good wine if you feel like it. To relax the atmosphere. "After all these days of waiting, I was tipsy all the time. When he asked me to also buy some champagne, blood rushed through my veins up to my cheeks."
Order Ardor or find out more about the Truth or Dare, Foreplay and Sex suits.

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