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Ardor - the couple's card game


Ardor cards level-up one activity or all the activities in the second part.
Add time, get sincere feedback, control the environment, engage in sexy role-playing and more.
Ardor card activities samples

"As I entered the room and saw him in his best suit, with a powerful smile and confident attitude, I knew I wanted more of that. I love every second of seeing him engaged in fierce debates and business negotiations. I'll find out how he can negotiate his way out of getting tied to the bed."



        Lick enhancement from Ardor - the couple's card game     Accessory enhancement from Ardor - the couple's card game     Toy enhancement from Ardor - the couple's card game


Activities can be enhanced with the use of Lick, Accessory and Toy cards to complete the fantasy.
Feathers, satin bands, blindfolds and handcuffs, sexy lingerie and candles make mini-games and foreplay cards unforgettable.
Lick, Accessory and Toy enhancements from Ardor - foreplay for couples

"He asked me to put on the yellow dress I was wearing when we had sex on an empty beach in Spain. I added the white sun hat I recovered from the sea afterwards."


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