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About Ardor - the foreplay card game for couples

Ardor definition

New to Ardor's world? This is the place to start.
Ardor is a card game designed to inspire you.
140 cards contain 90 activities, from sexy questions and dares to foreplay mini-games and exciting sex positions.
It's inspiration to spice up your sex life, in two parts:
"Win Your Fantasy" is a card game: win points and cards.
"Live Your Fantasy" - combine the cards and use the points to buy special powers to create your fantasy.
Do you want to know more about the gameplay and the cards?
Read the tutorial or find out about the main suits, points and enhancements or level-ups.

Should you play Ardor - the couple's card game?

If you’re looking to:
Surprise and provoke each other;
Spice up your sex life;
Take those naughty thoughts and give them shape and life;
Vary sex techniques and positions;
Introduce a new toy or accessory to your sex life;
Take a step out of your comfort zone.
Ardor has been designed and created for you!
Why you should play Ardor - the couple's card game
Let your partner know what you want and what you like.
The number of possible combinations will ensure you never run out of ideas.
Unfold your sexuality and get to know yourself and each other
The funniest memories bring you closer. By removing the chase towards the orgasm, you will get to experience your sexual life at a slower pace helping you understand your feelings, emotions and reactions. Laughing all the way :)
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