About – Ardor



Good communication is the most difficult thing to achieve and maintain in a relationship.

Sexual communication is at its base. 

It is a card game for couples.

  • 135 cards contain 60 activities and 35 sex positions selected to enable exploration and discovery.
  • 4 game modes.
  • 30-150 min game play + a never-ending game
  • A template for your own games. Customize it how you want with ease.
  • 2-4 players. +18
  • Box contains 135 cards and 1 Rulebook.

Ardor has 2 parts

    Part 1:


  • Use strategy to compete for points in a trick and draw card game.
  • Follow the suits and the points to win cards. 
  • Perform activities to increase your winning chances. 

21 points or more to win and get Ardor Prize card

Part 2:

  • Build decks with the cards won. 
  • Draw from the deck and decide if you will Enhance or Level-up the activity before performing it.
  • Enhance activities by introducing toys and accessories.
  • Leveled-Up activities, adding a twist to them
Only the winner knows what activities are in the decks 

    Read more on the Tutorial page.


    Unique features:

    • Time stopper: This gives you the power to STOP time.  
    • Time slot: perform the activity for the duration indicated on the card. 
    • Enhancement slot: Cards from this suit can be used only on the cards which have an Enhancement slot. 
    • Micro Moments: To convert a card into a "wild" card, perform the activity. 
    • Blank Cards: Winner decides what will be performed.  
    • Ardor cards: Add a twist to take it to another level.

    • Talk about sex in an open, friendly, playful, environment;
    • Surprise and provoke each other;
    • Spice up your sex life;
    • Vary sex techniques and positions;