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This spring - explore possibilities - create experiences - craft your card game

Ardor - the couple's card game

Spring starts today!

Although not for everyone, and surely not from how the weather in Amsterdam was today after almost making us believe the sun it here to stay. 

Whether it's sun or rain outside, let this March mark the beginning of your sexual exploration. 

Lay down or sit somewhere comfortable, switch on you naughty thoughts and read how Ardor inspires through customization and how easy it is to create a relationship exploration game with its building blocks. 

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Expanding Ardor: Exploring Possibilities, Creating Experiences


Customizable To Its Very Core

Ardor’s customization is facilitated by mechanics embedded within the core gameplay. The biggest of these mechanics is the enhancement slot. On any given Truth or Dare or Foreplay card an enhancement slot may be present. Depending on what the slot says a player then has the opportunity to bring an accessory into play to complement the card.[...]


Placing Out the Possibilities

[...]Sex toys, paddles, massage candles, flavoured massage oils and more. The act of picking out items serves as a tantalizing back-and-fourth of our intentions, with the resulting array of products serving as a carefully curated display of what lies ahead. By doing this we’re literally placing all of our sexual cards on the table (as well as the actual cards themselves).[...]

Whether or not all of these items will be used in one session is sometimes irrelevant; simply letting your desires be known is sometimes the most important step towards sexual liberation and increased intimacy.

Expanding Ardor



Daring to Explore

So what happens after you have all of your items ready to go and the ‘Live Your Fantasy’ round begins? Well, this is where the options you’ve laid out for each other transform into experiences you forge together. My biggest advice at this stage of gameplay is to be bold and be creative. Don’t be afraid to utilize your enhancement cards or throw in a curve ball every now and then.[...]

Inspiration from Customization

A bit more defined but no less individually-driven are the Ardor cards. These allow players to execute set rules or scenarios during certain parts of the ‘Live Your Fantasy’ round. For example ‘Let’s set the stage for tonight’ allows the card’s player to decide the place that an event occurs and anything within the environment. I think the potential for customization with this card is pretty self-apparent (as is its position as a very firm curve ball that could totally transform gameplay).[...]

Other cards allow things such as recording each other or gaining extra time on an activity, with each card creating their own unique scenarios. There is also one that asks one’s lover to provide sincere feedback after an experience, which I think is a truly touching tool for communication.[...]

Embracing the Unknown

One of the final elements of Ardor that prompts a unique experience are the Blank cards which are present at each point of the ‘Live Your Fantasy’ round. These cards throw all of the rules out of the window and allow players to fully explore their desires. They are also fantastic if your favourite sex position is lacking from the pre-provided selection or if you have something very specific in mind.[...]

It’s Your Game

As one last note I really do want to stress that Ardor is your game. No one else’s. Yours.

Emmeline Peaches Reviews



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