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Q&A: 7 questions you might have about Ardor, answered by Yasmeen

Ardor Blog post - Q&A Ardor

Some of you might be sex games pros while the rest of you might be sex games virgins. 

No matter which camp you belong to, you might have a few questions about the game that you want answered. 

Below are a few common--and not so common--questions you might ask yourself when considering whether or not Ardor is right for you:


1. I’ve never talked to anyone about sex, let alone my significant other.  Is this game okay for people like me?

  • Yes. The goal of Ardor isn’t only to facilitate communication in the bedroom, but also to create an environment where couples are more confident in communicating their wants and needs in their relationship in general. 

So even if you haven’t had the nerve to tell your partner exactly how you like to licked or touched before Ardor, doesn’t mean that you should shy away from the game.

If anything, it will empower and embolden you, helping you to openly communicate with your partner.


2. I’m sexually adventurous already; what does this game have to offer me?

  • For starters, it’ll add a lot of fun times!
For those of you who already like to incorporate toys, foods, or role playing for example in your sex life, Ardor allows you to utilize all those tools in a fun, unique format that will add to the quality of your sexual encounters.


3. For me, sex is about the emotional connection between my significant other and I.  Meaning, I think sex is special, sacred even.  Does Ardor make sex less emotional and more instructional? Does this game actually tell you how to have sex or just give you general ideas regarding how to get it on?

  • No. The purpose of Ardor isn’t to teach someone how to have sex; it’s about extending the power of communication into the realm of sexual exploration. Although you might pick up a card that tells you exactly what to do to your partner and for how long or what sexual position to try, it is by no means a sexual instructional manual.

It seeks to build the emotional connection between individuals by allowing them to express who they are and what they want sexually in a safe environment.  Hence, it doesn’t remove the emotion from sex; if anything, it serves to add more fire, more heat and desire to your lovemaking.


4. Can I play this game by myself or with a group?

  • Ideally, Ardor will be played by two people at a time. 

However, feel free to change the “house rules” if you want. Meaning, if you want to change how the game is played to suit your particular needs, feel free to get creative.

Frankly, the foreplay ideas, suggested activities and pictures of sexual positions you’ll find in the game are enough to get you in the mood for a little self-stimulation if you are alone. And the second half of the game can be easily altered for a threesome.


 5. Do I have to be in a romantic relationship with the person I choose as my partner in this game? Or better yet, do I have to know my partner well to play this game?

  • Yes and no. The game isn’t solely designed for people in a relationship, but since it focuses on open communication, you have to at the very least have a sense of trust with the other person engaged in the game.

Although, you do not need to know your partner well, Ardor might not be the ideal game for a one-night stand, for example, unless you’re already the bold type who doesn’t mind communicating her sexual desires and needs, no matter how casual the relationship.


6. My partner and I just started having sex and I’m nervous that he’ll think our sex life is boring if I mention this game.  In actuality, I would just like to try something new.  How can I get my partner to play it without him thinking I’m feeling less than satisfied with our sex life?

  • Just explain to your partner that you’re happy with your sex life, but you want to take sexual fantasies and sexual communication to a new level.

Or better yet, if you get home from work before your partner does, have Ardor sitting on the bed along with chocolate sauce, a vibrator and some handcuffs, and then lay on the bed wearing nothing but a smile and that way it’s “go time” when he gets home with no explanation needed.


7. Will I actually get to have sex when playing this game?

  • Yes. Emphatically, yes!


What are your experiences with Ardor?

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