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Ardor January Blog post - Love letters


To:  Daniel Knight <>

Subject: Thinking About You

Hi Danny,

I feel silly writing this but I didn’t know how else to tell you. God, I really miss you.  And I don’t just mean because you’re away, but in general, I miss you.

I miss us. I feel as if we’ve lost ourselves somewhere along the way. 

Between the kids, work and all our other responsibilities, I feel as if we don’t even have time to look at each other, let alone touch, kiss or make love like we used to.  And I miss that. 

Sex, intimacy, being one with you.  I miss the stolen glances we used to exchange while playing footsie under the table in a crowded restaurant.  I miss the excitement I would feel when you let your hand creep up my skirt in the darkness of the movie theatre.

Do you remember that time during my sister’s wedding how we made out in the photo booth while all the other guests stood waiting for us to get out? They were so angry.  

But we didn’t care because back then it was only about us. I don’t regret the path our lives have taken, but I don’t want our paths to lead us in different directions. 

I don’t know why I’m writing this, but I’m here alone in bed, thinking about you and hoping that you’re thinking of me too…




Love Letter Ardor the game 

To: Tabitha Knight <>

Subject: Re: Thinking About You

My Tabby,

You always had this creepy ability to read my mind. I need you to stop doing that. Seriously, stop it.  It’s freaking me out. 

But all joking aside, I know what you mean. 

I can’t really express myself as eloquently as you have, but I think about our “wild” days before I got older and balder.

And I wonder if you’re still happy with me, happy with who I’ve become and what we’ve become together.  The other day you didn’t know it but I watched you as you slept on my arm.  For the record, I wasn’t just staring at your sleeping form for the fun of it, the position of your head actually made my arm cramp up and I woke up to move it, but I couldn’t because I didn’t want to wake you.

You looked so beautiful and I thought to myself: "I can’t believe this woman agreed to marry me".

I’m not going to lie. You didn’t exactly look glamourous: Your hair was plastered to your face, you were snoring loud enough to wake the neighbors, but all I saw was the warm, beautiful woman I married.  I want you to know that I don’t feel any differently about you now than I did that day in the photo booth. 

And in terms of sex, why didn’t you just say something? I’ve been busy, but I haven’t been THAT busy. 

I’ll cut this business trip short so that I can take care of business in the bedroom. 

How does that sound?


 Love - Ardor the game


To:  Daniel Knight <>

Subject: Re: Re: Thinking About You

Danny, you seriously have to work on being romantic.  Your reply email sucked.  But you made me smile. 

You always make me smile. And I don’t know why I didn’t mention the sex thing. 

You guys are so sensitive about sex; I didn’t want you to think I was discontent with our sex life. I just wish we had sex more often. On the nights that you’re away, I don’t sit around and binge watch a million TV shows. I don’t care about TV.

As soon as I get the kids to bed, I slide under the covers and pretend you’re there with me. I try to mimic with my hands the way you touch me when you’re here. I squeeze my nipples between my fingertips and trace circles around my clit, all while imagining that it’s your hands doing those things instead of my own.

I think about our trip to the Bahamas and how you went down on me on the beach while the waves crashed against the coast. I thought we were going to get caught, but I couldn’t do anything but place my fingers in your hair and thrust my hips up to push your tongue further, deeper inside me. And I remember when I came, you didn’t let up; you just kept kissing and licking me, sucking on my clit making me come again and again.

I’m wet now just thinking about it.  I have to find my vibrator.  The BIG one.  Maybe we can play around with it when you get home? Until then, I guess you’ll just have to imagine what I’m about to do now without you. 

Miss you much,


 Love - Ardor the game


To: Tabitha Knight <>

Subject: Re: Re: Re: Thinking About You

Did you really have to end your email like that? 

I have a meeting in one hour and have a hard-on now thanks to you. 

Blue balls at a meeting isn’t a good look and so now I’m going to have to take care of it. I wish you were here to help.

I love the feel of your tongue when it traces the tip of my cock. It feels so good when you suck me all the way into your mouth and trace the vein of my dick with your tongue.  And then you rub my balls and well, you know what comes next. 

My hand is in my pants now.  I wish you were here, so that we could come together.  Like we used to.

I heard of this sex game called Ardor. I don’t know, maybe we can try it. Spice things up a little bit?  

I can’t wait to get home to you.  I know I’m not very romantic, but I miss you too.  The smell of your hair, the scent of your sex.  As soon as I get home, I have to have you.  I want to lay you on the kitchen table and push my cock into you.  I want to roughly pull your hair and make you beg for me to do you harder and deeper.  Is that what you want? 

Actually, never mind.  Forget work.  I’m calling you now….pick up…

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