7 mini games for 7 days of foreplay to reconnect with your lover

Picture this: It’s Sunday night and you’re in bed trying to get to sleep.

You think of how you have the rest of the week ahead of you and if you’re like some of us, the thought of it either makes you shudder or sink into a deep dark gloom.

We understand. You hate Mondays.

You don’t even understand why people get excited over Wednesday!Wednesday is just the middle of the freaking week, you say to yourself, shaking your head in exasperation.

That means you STILL have Thursday and Friday to survive. Why don’t people get that?!

But before you let your fury over people getting excited over “hump day” ruin your Sunday night, you take a deep breath, try to relax and be positive.

So you try to envision all the good things the rest of the week has in store for you. And then you come up with nothing. Zilch. Nada. For you, the start of the week means work, more work, stress, more stress, and nothing fun until the weekend begins. And because of your schedule, that might even be a stretch since you spend the weekend running errands that you couldn’t get done during the week.

It’s like an uphill battle and frankly you’re tired of losing.

And then your significant other slides close to you in bed and says, “Hey honey, are you sleeping?” And you can tell from the umm….indentation under the blanket, that he definitely isn’t — sleeping that is. And so you say, “Not tonight honey, maybe later.” And then you both pass out only to repeat the same pattern for weeks until one of you has a sexual breakdown and you go at it like rabbits on the dining room table. Hmm….that doesn’t sound too bad, you say to yourself and I’m inclined to agree with you.

But how much better would it be if you had the opportunity to get in touch with your sexuality on a daily basis?

How much less stressful and enjoyable would life be if you got a little nookie on the daily?

That’s why I’m proposing seven days of foreplay, so that you can stop viewing life as an endless stream of days where you have to work for “the man” and instead view each day as a unique sexual opportunity.

Follow the foreplay suggestions below that won’t take more than 10 minutes of your time each day to add a little pre-hanky panky excitement to a normally humdrum week.



The alarm goes off. You reach for your phone, cut off the alarm and go back to sleep. You wake up suddenly because the sun’s rays are coming through your window and you realize instantly that you overslept.

Your significant other has his arm tossed over your hip and he’s snoring loud enough to wake the neighbors. Any other day you would probably jump out of the bed and race to get dressed. Today, don’t bother. You’re already late.

What’s another five minutes? Take his hand and rub it down your hip and then bring it back up slowly, and let it cup your breast. If you’re turned away from him (aka spooning) rub your behind against his crotch.

He should be awake now. Finally turn over and let your lips glide across his neck and then place your hands in his boxers (if he has any on): stroke, tug and play a little bit, get reacquainted with “him” and then kiss him on the cheek and tell him to have a great day. Whatever you do, don’t give in today.

You have the rest of the week to go.


You’re binge watching something on TV. He’s sitting there almost nodding off when you casually reach over during a commercial break and allow your hand to wander up his thigh, nearing, but never touching his stuff.

You then guide his hand to your breasts and through the fabric of your shirt, you allow him to touch you, arouse you, kiss you. You take off your shirt and he continues.

Then, you free your breasts from the constraint of your bra.

He continues to please you. Your show comes back on; you abruptly stop. You leave yourself and him wanting more.


Ardor game - couple in the car    

It’s called hump day for a reason, right? Remember those hot and heavy teenager days, where you did everything but “the act”? There might have been a lot of dry-humping and heavy petting in the backseat of a car.

Well it’s time to relive those days. Go out for a movie and pretend you’re sixteen again.

Make out with your significant other before getting out of the car. But keep your clothes on: See how close you can get to third base without actually hitting a home run.


Everyone has something that makes them feel special. Whether it’s receiving gifts or just hearing, “I’m proud of you,” everyone has something that makes them feel loved or appreciated.

And sometimes hearing those words of affirmation or receiving a thoughtful gift can be foreplay of its own.

Think about what makes your partner tick and today, let your foreplay be that emotional connection that makes your partner feel special.


Ardor game - girl having orgasm    

Friday is me day. While the other days have focused on you and your partner together, let today be all about you.

Get in touch with your body.

Touch yourself.

Look in the mirror while you do it.

Don’t be shy.

Tell yourself that you’re one sexy chick. Pout sexily.

Walk with pep in your step.

Don’t wear any panties.

Do whatever it is that makes YOU feel sexy.


Ardor the game - Candlelit handcuffs and rose      

It’s the end of the week, now you should have time to try something new in the bedroom, whether it’s a new toy or caramel dipping sauce in a few sexy places, let that item (or items) play a main role in pleasuring each other, up to the point of orgasm.


Finally, you made it.

Now let’s give Sunday a new meaning; let’s kick off the start of the week right by letting go of the idea of foreplay and embracing the idea of all day play.

Based on the foreplay suggestions from earlier days, use Sunday as an opportunity to get each other in the mood.

Touch him when he least expects it.

Wake up touching and kissing each other.

Touch yourself while touching your partner.

Dress provocatively.

Accidentally forget your panties when you go grocery shopping and have your significant other slide his hand into your back pocket.

Act like horny teenagers and try something new.

And then once you’re pawing at each other unable to take it anymore in the middle of the grocery store, race home (because we don’t want you to get arrested for public indecency) and go at it like bunnies on your dining room table and then everywhere else in the house.

You deserve it.

After all you just survived six days of yummy foreplay.

Now isn’t the rest of the week looking great?

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