1 Year: Wonderful and hard, beautiful and exciting

Ardor 1 Anniversary

Here I am.

1 year ago, I was next to them, watching them scrambling, trying to have everything ready for the launch.

We've met 2 years ago. I was just an idea back then.

I was a thought, a running flow of words giving life to an ever louder voice finding space in their discussions as they cultivated their love.

They talked about sex. About happiness. Sadness. Desire. Passion. They talked so much that I became a shape. They were talking about me long before they realized what I would become.

Then there were the nights. The passionate evenings, the long talks about what I could do, about my shape, my form, my lovers and my haters. About my purpose.

How will people know about me, will they care, would they understand me and would they figure out my purpose.

One way to find out.

I remember the night when they decided.

It was a rainy night as many before them when they looked in each others' eyes, and asked themselves.

"Yes, let's do it".

It was unanimous.

What followed came in cascades, never-ending, rolling over the days: art, colors, rules, messages, activities, company, website, reddit, payment, banks, advice, whispers.

Yes, I remember a lot of whispering. Everything was clear when they were together, only whispers and hidden looks when there was someone around.

With every month that followed they were more determined, enthusiastic and with every item crossed off the list, I was becoming something real.

1 year ago, I was next to them, shiny, glossy, proud, colorful, filled with passion and desire to go out there.

"Fun, communication, love, passion and lust will be your rules ", they told me. 

Today, we're grateful for the best challenging adventure which Ardor gave us: a lot of work, unforeseen things, despair, pride and ecstasy.

For one year Ardor helped couples from around the world to communicate better, spice things up, have fun, explore and fall in love once again with their partner. Proof are all the great reviews and feedback we've received.

To give you a few numbers, over 150 couples from more than 15 countries in the world have played the game at least once.

Ardor has received 5 professional reviews and great feedback which you can read here.

To celebrate this special moment, we've prepared three surprises:

1. Giveaway

Kinky Kitten - a great sex toy reviewer from the UK, is hosting our First Year Anniversary Giveaway. There are 3 games in the competition. Enter to win your free copy of Ardor.

2. Anniversary Discount

For the coming period we have a 20% discount on Ardor. Use HAPPY1ARDOR at checkout to get it.

3. Three new products

Because games are played with toys, Ardor 1 Year - Push my limits, Ardor 1 Year - Vibrating Couples and 

Ardor 1 Year - Ultimate Experience are here!

These bundles were very carefully created with some of the best products from We-Vibe, LELO and Fifty Shades of Grey. 

We've looked closely at their retail prices and at what we can get for them. You'll save at least 50 buying any of the bundles.

This was our first year, we fully enjoyed it and we're excited about the next one.

We want to say a big "Thank you!" to all of you for being with us, supporting us and believing in us.

Without you, Ardor wouldn't exist. And if she helped you find out more about yourself and your partner, we're happy.


Ardor's creators

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