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Fantasies on a budget

Fantasies on a budget- Ardor blog

I haven't been shy with you all that I am planning my dream wedding to the man of my dreams.  Fiance has been really patient with wedding planning and I really am lucky at how amazing he has been.  However, we are on a budget.  Miscellaneous wedding costs have crept up on us and six months out, we still need to purchase quite a few pricey items.  Acting like a grown up and doing things grown ups do, such as buying dog food and food for ourselves has left little money in the budget for "fun".

When I received the topic for this month's blog post, I wanted to take a practical approach. I'm not shy about being a millennial and as many of you know, we are the most over educated, under employed generation in a long time.  We are all broke! Long story short, Frederick's of Hollywood and Victoria's Secret are out to begin to build some of our fantasies, so this month, we are going to talk about "Fantasies on a Budget".  

Last month, I discussed how men and women experience and define romance differently. I imagined fantasies are no different.  I'm not ashamed to share one of mine with you all.  My fantasies are romantic. I want to come home to a house full of candles with a bubble bath drawn. I would love to be joined in the bubble bath and have a romantic night of love making. Slow and passionate love making is my fantasy. Some romance is my fantasy.  

Fantasies come in all shapes and sizes. Fantasies differ depending on the person and the relationship. You can be broke and have a low budget fantasy and find your fantasy gear at Target (Batman Bra and Panties set for $14 was what I put on last night to get his attention), or you can splurge at Frederick's of Hollywood and Victoria's Secret. It is entirely up to you. Just make it special for you or your partner.

Fantasies are subjective.  Have fun with yours and make them good! Make them count! Remember, as in every relationship, communication is key. Your partner can't fulfill those fantasies without you telling them what they are!

Talk to your partner, talk to me. Share your successes and your failures. Are you fantasizing on a budget like me? Give a girl some tips! Where are you getting your gear and how excited was your partner!

Stuck on your fantasies?  Break out your Ardor game and let it guide you. Talk to your partner and put a fantasy together you can both enjoy. A fantasy is only a fantasy if you both are turned on by the experience. Be willing to try new things!

Hugs & Kisses!



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