We Want More – Ardor

We Want More

We want more - by Yasmeen - Ardor blog post

Xira tilted her head back as her lover traced his fingertips across her nipples and placed soft kisses on her neck.

She sighed audibly, in resignation not in desire, and her lover instantly paused, knowing something was off, different about this encounter. 

“Xira, my love, did I do something wrong?” He said concerned, raising his face from her delicate flesh and ceasing his fingers’ exploration of her small breasts of which her large pink nipples were their crowning glory. 

Xira bit her lip not knowing what to say. After all, her lover, Reyi, was as skilled a lover as any on her home planet of Erya.

Yet, she found herself growing bored at the humdrum experience their sex life had become. She missed the delightfully unpredictable days where she never knew how Reyi would please her.

But they had already spent the first 100 years of their lives together and even though his kisses still made her sex tighten and become moist in anticipation of their physical union, she wanted more. But how did she explain that to Reyi without hurting his feelings?

Xira’s race wasn’t known for diplomacy and tact, yet more than anything she wanted to communicate to Reyi that her wants and needs had changed. She desired more from their intimacy, but how should she bring it up? 

“What is it my love?” Reyi said taking her hand in his and kissing it. “You can tell me.” 

“I---” she hesitated, “I want more.” Words flew from her red lips, unable to look him in the eyes, cold and impersonal as her race’s main treats. 

“More?” he said, disappointment clearly in his voice, “Do I not please you?”

He gently touched her chin and turned her face to his, so that he could look down into her lavender tinted eyes. His lilac colored eyes searched her face for a clue to her troubles. It wasn’t the first time they had to communicate this way. 100 years were enough to know her and her temper.

 “You do,” Xira finally met Reyi’s gaze and rushed to assure him. “So much so that I lust for you daily, but I also yearn for something different. Something to help us push the boundaries and explore more of our sexual selves. Is that wrong of me? Am I asking too much?”

Reyi fell silent and Xira immediately felt guilty, assuming that she had hurt him. His race was confident and passionate. He was used to getting all the attention from all the known races. They worked for a long time on their relationship and it took over 10 years of perseverance, and trying, on both sides, to get where they were now.

When he spoke next though, his words held no trace of anger, just confusion as he scratched at his beard and then brought her into his arms, studying her carefully, not speaking for a long moment.

“You are not wrong,” he whispered into her hair as he allowed his chin to rest on the crown of her head. “We will find what we are missing together; do not worry.”

But little did Reyi know, Xira was far from worried. In fact, she already had a plan. She just didn’t know how to bring it up. She thought the best way would be to just say it. 

“Reyi, the humans from the colony showed me a game. My human friend, Aimee, felt my confusion during our tea conversations and she talked about how humans sometimes use an ancient game to teach, learn and recall what it's like to love. It is called Ardor”

 “A game?” he said looking confused. “Ardor?”

 Xira nodded, “It’s not just any game. It’s a game which opens the lines of communication in a couple to help them focus on what’s really important: each other.”

Reyi was quiet for a brief time and then said, “But sex is also included, right?”

Xira laughed and wrapped her arms around Reyi’s neck. She whispered against his lips, pressing her breasts against his chest, “Yes, most definitely.”

An hour later, she was shaking in anticipation, every cell of her body trained on the feel of Reyi’s warm breath as he exhaled against her sex, his mouth just an inch away from her clit. He brought his head closer and used one finger to part her folds and then traced his tongue up and down her now wet exposed sex.

“Reyi,” she breathed out, grinding her pelvis against his face in rhythm with the motions of his tongue.

Aroused beyond reason, Reyi gripped his hard lengthy member in his hand and then quickly let it go, remembering that it was her turn, as the game demanded. He focused instead on Xira’s clit, engorged by desire, straining for his attention like a perfect pink bud and he abandoned her folds to lick circles around her clit before sucking it lightly into his mouth.

"Time is up" came Reyi’s voice a minute later.

Xira opened her eyes and met his gaze, giving him that smile of hers he knew so well. 

"You know I want so much more!"

He settled down next to her and whispered, “What's the next card?”

Xira, getting more excited by the second “Oh yes, it's your turn. Read it, now”


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