Playing with communication – Ardor

Playing with communication

Playing with communication by Yasmeen - Ardor blog post


He’s staring at you. You’re staring at him.  Sexual energy is practically sizzling in the air.  You want him.  He wants you. Clothes fly off. Your bra and panties are tossed across the couch; his boxers with the questionable print are tossed on the floor.  You’re both breathing heavily. He still has his socks on. Your skin is flushed. Certain things are wet; certain things are hard. And then the next thing you know, he’s poking something that shouldn’t be poked. And you’re equally guilty of a sexual blunder as your hand ends up in an area that makes him squeal, but not in delight, mind you.

And all of sudden that sexy image you had of the two of you going at it like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt on the living room floor is replaced by the harsh reality of two people awkwardly trying to figure out how to please one another.

Sadly this reality isn’t confined to one-night stands. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married to the same person for ten years or just became a couple after knowing each other for two weeks, for many couples being able to communicate wants and desires in and out of the bedroom is an aspect of their relationship that drastically needs improvement.

That’s where Ardor comes in.

You’re probably thinking: Seriously, how can a sex game improve communication?  

Well that’s just the beauty of Ardor. It’s not about just placing a tongue here and your member there (although that in itself sounds very tempting). It’s about learning to communicate who you are as a person, beyond the matter of sexuality. 

It allows you to open up to your partner in such an intimate and affirming fashion that you can use the same skills learned by playing Ardor to encourage communication in other aspects of your relationship. How so? The game focuses on creating openness through intimacy. Deeper intimacy leads to stronger bonds of trust and obviously trust is an integral part of successful communication.   

Ardor helps couples achieve that hard to obtain “safe space” where they can communicate openly with each other free of judgement or criticism; thus fostering an environment where honesty and vulnerability are encouraged. And through honesty and vulnerability true intimacy occurs. Frequently we forget that sex is an intimate act that can serve to also tap into the strong emotional connection between two people.

Playing Ardor strengthens that connection and applies it beyond the walls of the bedroom.
In fact, isn’t that what intimacy is about?
Opening up the lines of communication so that in even in your most vulnerable state you feel safe, cared for and cherished?


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