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Five Reasons to try Ardor by Emmeline

Five reasons to try Ardor by Emmeline Peaches - Ardor blog post


Over the past week I've been running a giveaway with Emmeline, a great sex toy blogger and reviewer.

She's a must read if you want to have fun and learn about sex toys in a smart and creative way.

Today she surprised me with a wonderful post about my game:


I’ve had Ardor since December of last year and it’s still again that Mr. Peaches and I enjoy playing from time-to-time. As you may have read in my review Ardor is a card game experience designed for two people to play and enjoy, but there’s so much about it to love.
With that in mind I’ve decided to list what I think are five reasons to try Ardor with your partner. These are the things that, for us, sets Ardor apart as an adult game that is definitely worth a try.

Read all five reasons on Emmeline's blog and comment with your reasons to play it.

Enter Emmeline's giveaway for a chance to win a game or get the readers' discount if you don't want to wait.

Thank you for the great post, Emmeline!



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