Games are played with toys - Ardor Giveaway

Games are played with toys - Ardor Giveaway

Games are played with toys - Ardor giveaway by Emmeline PeachesEmmeline Peaches reviews - Hones Adult Product Reviews
As you've seen by now, we like to support a healthy sexual life. This is why we're forging partnerships and sponsor blogs and websites which promote sexual education in all its forms.

Emmeline Peaches is one of the bloggers which we support and, starting today, she's organizing an Ardor giveaway on her blog to celebrate the launch of our new website.

She's writing about all kinds of sex toys and adult products. I like her funny and smart reviews filled with useful information.

Here are a few words about the blog:
Emmeline Peaches Reviews is an adult product review site. It looks at sex toys and other adult-related merchandise and aims to be as informative as possible. Honesty is certainly the policy when it comes to our reviews.

Emmeline Peaches Reviews practices sex and body positivity and strives to stay as gender inclusive as possible in an attempt to give every person out there a chance to pick the toy they think is right for them.
Put simply we love sex toys and we want you to love them too!"

Whether you've read her blog and decided to buy some toys or you already have some and you don't know what games to play, throw Ardor in the mix for an unforgettable night.

Ardor giveaway is running from the 1st June 2015 until the 15th June 2015 and ends at 12:00pm (GMT).

This competition is open worldwide and there are 3 games of Ardor to win.


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