Ardor on game Sunday with Spellenclub Amsterdice

Ardor on game Sunday with Spellenclub Amsterdice

Yesterday we’ve joined the awesome Amsterdice game club to show Ardor and to relax with some board games.

It was the first time we’ve shown Ardor to an audience of game lovers and we were a bit nervous but it was also very exciting to have the first card game for couples present among all the famous and classic board games. Curiosity ran on both sides.

We’ve met passionate people and we’ve talked about all kind of games. They liked the idea of ​​a strategy game for adults. Many admitted they haven’t had the opportunity to see a couples' game brought to this level. Some of them asked what was the game about, but they were too shy to take a seat for an introduction.

The ones who sat with us were open to something new so we went through the gameplay.

Playing Ardor at Amsterdice game night

The first part, the trick taking game was a real competition between players. Knowing the winner will create and experience their erotic fantasy was a good motivation. They couldn’t stop saying: “Point! Point! Give me more points!”

Playing Ardor at Amsterdice game night

It was great for us to see how involved in the game they were. We’ve only explained the second part for fun and curiosity, to see how the special powers work, how to enhance some cards and how much you can level up others. Our players were surprised how much you can customize everything.

We’re so happy Ardor’s first appearance at a board games gathering was a success and a great experience and we’re looking forward to other meetings.

Next time, we’ll try to organize a presentation of the game to everyone interested before or after the games begin.

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We've had a great time and we'll surely join them on the next meetings.

Do you want to know more about Ardor or would you like a short introduction in Amsterdam and around it?

Let us know in the comments below!

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