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Communication. We all know how important it is in our relationships and yet we sometimes feel we cannot express what we want or the way we like it.

It feels like you have all the tools you need but you just don’t know how to use them.

Communication is too broad so we’ll focus only on a part of it, the one which makes or breaks relationships and is the reason for many of our concerns, frustrations and moments of complete surrender and utter happiness: sexual communication.

Sexual communication, or sexual intelligence, as some call it, has been a discussion point since the 60s but not too many things have changed, until today.

You feel it’s important, you know you want more from your sex life and somehow, most of the time, you’re too shy to say it out loud or worse, you let preconception get the best of you and think your partner expects something else from you. You close yourself, start wondering about all the things which can go wrong and worry you won’t perform good enough.

Talking about sexual communication, we tend to go in 2 directions: we either express our desires as jokes without signaling strong enough what we want, leaving our partners wondering whether we really mean what we say, which leads to nothing happening in the end, or we take it too serious, reacting disproportionately to our partner’s fantasies and desires, causing a rift in the couple and creating distance in our relationship as the reaction triggers feelings of wrongdoing.

When it comes to sex, all of us have something in common: we are curious and we like to play.

We like to explore, touch, lick, kiss, caress, smell, know and feel each other's bodies. We want to feel with all our senses and we try to isolate some of our senses to enhance the others. It’s a game we play in which we both win while getting closer to each other.

The truth is we get to know ourselves through our partners and sometimes we’re afraid to share what we’ve learned because we don’t know how they will react although we know how important this is for our relationship.

If it's a game we play, why not make it a game?

Imagine everything you want to admit to yourself and to your partner. What if there was a way to communicate this in a sexy and playful framework?

To answer this and most of the questions you have about sex and sexual communication, Ardor had to be created.

Ardor explores human sexuality through curiosity and communication.

Ardor is sincerity, desire, confession, honesty, love and passion. It enables discovery and helps sharing your findings with yourself and with your partner.

Ardor is many things but it comes in the form of a card game.

Creating and developing Ardor has been a wonderful journey and we are ready to share it with the world.

For the design and art, we have worked with Arco, a very talented artist who understood what we wanted to express and created the game’s art in such a way that every card is worth a close look and never gets boring.

Here is a sample of how the art evolved:

Check Arco's deviantart page here.

Ardor contains RPG mechanics, giving you the possibility to enhance or level up cards while gaining EXP(erience) points but also classical card game mechanics as you have to follow suits and win tricks.

It will surprise both of you every time with millions of possible combinations while being inspiring and easy to understand at every step.

When you start playing Ardor, you won’t stop playing anymore, you’ll just be taking a break to understand what you’ve learned.

Are you ready to change the way you think about sex and learn something new about your relationship? 

About the release:

  • shipping to: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, United Kingdom

Ardor lets you create, build and live an erotic fantasy every time you play.

What’s the fantasy you’ve always wanted to live?

Let us know in the comments!

The HumanCurious team

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