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lovely questions and sexy dares


activities and minigames for laughs and moans

30 SEX

positions will ensure you are close

Door closes behind me, music plays in the distance

He takes off my blindfold, the atmosphere feels magical

Warm candle lights embrace the room

There are cards on the table

15 Levelups

role-playing, blindfolds, restraints and more to control time and the environment

5 Steps to Discovery

Open communication. Build trust, play cards and explore your imagination. Finish with the best sex

6 Point types

Compete for them to win activities and sex cards. Craft your fantasy

His suit is stunning, he's wearing that shirt I love

Roses spilling their passion

A beautiful dress waiting for me

I'm stepping into a story

A long feather and our vibrator on the cards

15 Enhancements

are about us taking our love through pleasure, desire, passion and lust

3 Blank Cards

complete the freedom to decide what will happen


for your ears, neck, back, buttocks, legs, toes.

We laugh like we've just started knowing each other,

Clothes start flying, we're naked and excited,

My heart beats faster with every card I turn,

And I've never seen a game like this

For couples, Ardor is created by a couple,

We celebrate every game with a high-five :-)

You have a special place in our hearts

Ask us anything, we answer in maximum 12 hrs

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